First look into the scale-dependent bias and non-Gaussianity

This afternoon, I worked on a model implementation of the scale-dependent bias, following the ansatz of De Putter & Doré (2014, their Eq. 1). The goal is to constrain the fNL parameter which quantifies the amplitude of the primordial non-Gaussianity. These primordial density fluctuations are very Gaussian, but a small departure from this Gaussianity or limits on … Continue reading First look into the scale-dependent bias and non-Gaussianity

Python packaging, astropy, and Travis CI

Last week, I started to re-visited quickspeck, a python package by Duncan Hanson that allows to create angular power spectra for cosmic fields under the Limber approximation (see this paper for a nice overview and an extension). In light of the upcoming CMB lensing workshop at Stanford and our ongoing work on the cross correlation between … Continue reading Python packaging, astropy, and Travis CI

git for .profiles and nbviewer extensions

I just painfully became aware of the importance of adding the different profiles (.bashrc, .bash_profile, .ipython, etc.) to version control. To ignore all but a few relevant files in the home directory, I'd use following as .gitignore: * !*/ !.gitignore !.bash_profile !.jupyter/ !.ipython/ Moreover, I started to experiment a bit with extensions to jupyter through … Continue reading git for .profiles and nbviewer extensions

PyCon videos

The PyCon took place a few weeks ago in Portland, and I have yet to attend this conference for the first time. However, I found the slides very helpful and the videos and great to watch. In particular, I can recommend: The Keynote and python visualization landscape by Jake VanderPlas, who gave two great talks Introduction … Continue reading PyCon videos