New paper on large-scale CIB from Planck

We’ve recently wrapped up our paper on new maps of the cosmic infrared background (CIB) maps, based on data from the Planck satellite. The analysis uses data from the HI4PI Survey to build a model of the foreground dust and hence clean the total intensity maps from that component, leaving on the CIB behind.

Left: Planck intensity for a 20degx20deg field, consisting mostly of Galactic dust and the faint, underlying CIB emission. Right: CIB emission after cleaning the foreground dust.

This was a project long in the making, and has accompanied me in one way or another for much of my PhD in Bonn and my postdoc in Pasadena. I have to say that I’m equally relieved and proud about this work, and also extremely grateful for the guidance and advice from Olivier Doré, Guilaine Lagache, and all my other friends and colleagues that contributed to this work.

We all wish to have short, succinct projects that go exactly as planned, but it is these long, difficult-to-predict papers that teach us the most.

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