New WHAM-SS release

This morning, my attention was brought to the new release of the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper Sky Survey (WHAM-SS), now covering the full sky at approximately 1 deg resolution, with velocities of +- 100 km/s and ~10 km/s spectral resolution.

This first data release is only the start to further post-processing of the data, which will allow multiphase ISM studies to cover the ionized phase as well. I’m curious to see how this might affect foreground modeling for CMB/CIB studies.

Since the official data release does not cover the HEALPix format, I’ve used cygrid to generate a map of total intensity in Rayleighs in this format. Feel free to use the map, but please give proper credit to the WHAM-SS team, this post, and to cygrid.



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